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5 Classic Florida Dishes and Souvenirs to Experience at The Black Hammock

Like every state in the country, Florida has its own special geography, wildlife, culture, and traditions. Whether you’re hitting up beaches, touring the waterways, or pub-crawling Orlando best bars, you’ll find that one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the environment is with a classic meal and a few souvenirs to commemorate your experience. Where should you start? 

Fried Gator Tail

When it comes to outstanding Orlando, Florida, attractions, it’s hard to beat The Black Hammock and its airboat tours of Lake Jesup. See the scenery, learn about the area, and ogle gators at the same time. You’ll also have the opportunity to snack on some tasty, locally harvested gator tail after the fact. Tender, flavorful, and fried to perfection, this classic dish is a staple of Florida cuisine that you cannot miss. 

Choose your favorite seasoning (blackened, buffalo, Cajun, or Florida style) and the volume for yourself or to share with your group (quarter pound, half pound, full pound, or have it served all four ways). Dip your crunchy bites in honey mustard sauce, and you’ll be hooked. 

Catfish Filets

Catfish is a beloved southern dish. This is partly due to local abundance in lakes and rivers, but it also has to do with the succulent nature of the fish itself. When you order catfish at The Black Hammock, you’ll enjoy two filets fried to a gorgeous golden brown, delivering the perfect balance of mildly sweet, juicy, fried goodness. 

Key Lime Pie

Like pastry chef Jacques Torres said, “Life is short. Eat dessert first.” If you’re in Florida, that dessert pretty much has to be key lime pie, featuring a crunchy, graham cracker crust, sweet-tart key lime filling, a dollop of velvety whipped cream, and of course, a bright slice of lime on top. Whether you eat it before or after your gator tails and catfish, you won’t be sorry. 

Tees to Commemorate Orlando, Florida, Attractions

There’s a time-honored tradition among travelers of commemorating their trips with local souvenirs. Tees are one of the best ways to show the world where you’ve been. Plus, they can be great conversation starters. You’ll see just how small the world is when people come up to you to ask about the location on your tee, sharing their own stories of visits or even living there. 

Not a big fan of graphic print tees? No problem! Opt for a mug so you can smile about memories of your Florida trip when you pour a cup of coffee every morning. 

Gator Gifts

Whether you’re seeking a personal souvenir to remember your trip, you want to bring back some fun gifts for kids/grandkids or coworkers, or you’d like to give a special “thank you” souvenir to your pet sitter, there’s no better way to show your love of Florida than with gifts that celebrate the gator population. 

With apparel, dishware, plush animals, and more to choose from, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect gator gifts at The Black Hammock gift shop. You can even meet live gators and macaws and snap a commemorative pic to wow your friends.  


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