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Why We Love Mornings on Lake Jesup

Are you wondering what time to plan your upcoming Orlando airboat ride? Whether it’s your first airboat ride ever, or you are simply searching for ways to switch up your on-the-water routine, you can’t go wrong with a morning trip on Lake Jesup! Just read on to see what we love about these bright-and-early adventures, and how to enjoy one soon.

See animal activity

Here on Lake Jesup, animals are the main attraction! Our stretch of Central Florida is home to the most alligator-populated lake in the entire state, as well as many species of birds who can be found gliding and wading in the water around you. There’s always a lot of animal activity to see on your airboat ride—but for the optimal viewing experience, one of the best times to visit is the earlier part of the day! Consider morning rides a must-do experience for the wildlife buffs and nature lovers in your life.

Embrace cool weather

For those who crave a brisk, refreshing adventure, morning rides are an especially great option! Before the sun warms up the day, you can simply throw on a comfy sweatshirt and enjoy the cool, captivating adventure ahead.

Discover a serene escape

By enjoying a morning airboat ride at The Black Hammock on a Saturday or Sunday, you’ll be able to wake up with the natural environment. If you crave a calm, serene escape, you’ll discover exactly that during the earliest parts of the day as the air feels quiet and gradually gives way to the sights and sounds of nature.

More time to explore

If you prefer your weekends to be chock-full of family fun and adventure, kicking off your day with an early airboat ride is a go-to option. You can book early and enjoy time on the water before circling back to shore to enjoy a tasty meal, explore our gift shop, take a photo with an alligator and much more. There’s a lot to do in a day at The Black Hammock, and riding early gives you the opportunity to explore a bit of it all!

Dig into a delicious meal to fuel the fun ahead

For foodies, there’s no better pairing for your morning airboat ride than a delicious breakfast—and fortunately, we’ve made the most important meal of the day especially easy to enjoy here at The Black Hammock. When you book our Breakfast & Airboat Ride Special on Saturdays and Sundays, you can enjoy 10 percent off a meal from our new breakfast menu, featuring favorites like French Toast, Veggie Omelettes, our Breakfast Sandwich or Hungry Man meal with eggs, pancakes, bacon or sausage. Whatever you choose, it will be delicious fuel for the fun adventure ahead—plus, more importantly, this meal is a chance for you to relax and enjoy some quality downtime with family and friends! It just doesn’t get better than that.

Swing by The Black Hammock on Saturday and Sunday mornings to discover a truly one-of-a-kind experience! It’s sure to be a ride to remember.


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