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Tired of conventional travel destinations? Have the adventure of a lifetime and take on our airboat rides just outside of Orlando, Florida. The Black Hammock is located right on Lake Jesup - known for hosting the LARGEST alligator population in Florida! READ MORE...

Our US Coast Guard approved airboats piloted by experienced captains provide a thrilling yet safe adventure for all. Your captain is not just a travel guide; he specializes in locating alligators, nesting locations and everything else Lake Jesup has to offer.


$12 Domestic Bucket Happy Hour

Monday - Friday
2:30 PM - 6:30 PM

The Lazy Gator Bar is part of our exciting lakeside attraction located on Lake Jesup. If you’re looking for a place to relax, have an ice-cold brew and enjoy a spectacular view of the lake, then look no further! READ MORE...

Relax on Lake Jesup

“The lakeside environs of Black Hammock scream
“Old Florida” loud and clear: With its moss-covered
cypress trees, airboat tours and alligator exhibits,
this bar is all about being at one with nature while
having a good time. It’s one of those laid-back places
with a “come as you are” vibe." Orlando Weekly

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Black Hammock is an award winning restuarant.Home of the BEST fried gator tail in town! Black Hammock is a full service restaurant known for it's fried gator tail, catfish, and home made desserts!


Gator Tacos

Incredible Burgers and Fries!


On the way to Bird Island!

The Black Hammock is an ideal place to visit for those interested in birding. Avid bird watchers visit regularly and many species can be seen walking within the park perimeter.
For a truely memerable experience, take an Airboat Ride to Bird Island. You'll never forget this natual wonder!

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