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Explore Natural Florida


The Black Hammock is an ideal place to visit for those interested in birding. Avid bird watchers visit regularly and many species can be seen walking within the park perimeter.

For a truly memorable experience, take an Airboat Ride to Bird Island. You’ll never forget this natural wonder!

Meet Our Alligators

Meet Spikey, Chewie, Ziggie, Chloe, Grumy and Peaches. These are our American Alligators that were chosen as show gators from a local alligator farm. Ziggie has eyes for Chloe and you may find them snuggling up together around alligator mating season; which takes place around March and April.

Meet Our Birds

Baby & Morgan are our resident blue and gold macaws. They can be quite talkative and may even meow at you! Baby is a ladies man and may growl if he is fond of you. Blue and gold macaws birds can reach 30 to 34 inches and can weigh up to 3.3 pounds; making it one of the larger members of the Neotropical parrot family. They are vivid in appearance with blue wings and tail, dark blue chin, golden under parts, and a green forehead. Beaks are black, and very strong for crushing nuts. The naked face is white, turning pink in excited birds, and lined with small black feathers. But, it doesn’t stop at macaws! We have parakeets, cockateils and doves that are sure to delight!

Discover The Natural Majesty of Bird Island On Lake Jesup


On May 22, 1837, Lieutenant Peyton, with a command of twenty men and four Creek Indians, set out from Fort Mellon to explore the little known upper reaches of the St Johns River. They camped that night on what is now aptly known as Bird Island on Lake Jesup. One hundred and sixty four years later to the day, four members of Seminole Audubon Society, accompanied by two biologists from St Johns River Water Management District, surveyed birds on the island, finding an amazing 512 wading birds.

What Is Bird Island?
We have recently changed our Airboat route to quietly circle Bird Island so guests can view the spectacular Florida wildlife! Bird Island is within view from the Black Hammock peninsula with coastal birds flying between land masses.

Take An Airboat to Bird Island

Some of the birds documented here are:

  • White Pelican
  • Purple Gallinule
  • Bald Eagle
  • Limpkin
  • Great Egret
  • Snowy Egret
  • Little Blue Heron
  • Glossy Ibis
  • Wood Stork
  • White Ibis
  • American Coot
  • Wild Turkey
  • Double-crested Cormorant
  • Pileated Woodpecker
  • Green Heron
  • Black-Bellied Whistling Duck
  • …and several other unidentified plovers, hummingbirds, wrens and sparrows.


Black Hammock is happy to announce that we are now offering an exclusive School Field Trip discount on Airboat Rides!

Our airboat tours in Orlando provide an exciting yet safe adventure for children of all ages. They will learn about Florida’s spectacular wildlife and witness it first hand. The tour includes a thrilling airboat ride around Lake Jesup and Bird Island where they can view live alligators in their natural habitat as well as many species of birds.

Lake Jesup is a great place for educational field trips where students to learn about “Real Florida.” Located just north of Orlando. Our airboats are U.S. Coast Guard approved and piloted by licensed and experienced captains. Looking for field trip ideas? Look no further! For Grades K – 12.

What is Included:

FREE class photo with a live baby alligator using your own camera.
$19.99 per Student for a 30 Minute Airboat Ride – A $22.95 Value!

Lunch option: $25 for 30 minute airboat ride plus cheeseburger or chicken tenders & fries PLUS all you can drink soda or pink lemonade

The Details:

Tax and Gratuity not included.

Reservations must be made in advance and are subject to availability.

Pricing and information subject to change without notice.

If you have any questions you are welcome to call us at 407-365-1244 x 101


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