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4 Adventurous Appetizers to Try After Your Black Hammock Boat Tour

There’s truly no better way to experience Orlando’s incredible lakes firsthand than with a Black Hammock boat tour. Not only will you be in the capable hands of some of the best airboat operators in the business, but you’ll also have the unforgettable experience of getting up close with some of Florida’s most famous wildlife.

Though boat tours are an unforgettable way to spend the day in Orlando, you and your family will surely be famished after an afternoon on the water. All that adventuring is hard work! 

However, the adventure doesn’t have to stop after you exit your airboat at the end of your tour. Take your taste buds on an adventure of their own with these four incredible appetizers at the Black Hammock Restaurant.

Experience the Best of Orlando’s Bars on the Water at Black Hammock

In a city as bustling and exciting as Orlando, with so many scenic lakes to explore, there’s no doubt that the area is full of bars on the water that feature incredible views and unique local eats. However, there’s a reason why the local community comes back to Black Hammock time and time again.

Tourists love to truly dive into their Orlando experience from a culinary perspective, and these delicious appetizers are a great way to begin their night of fun and good times at the Black Hammock Restaurant.

1. Catfish Nuggets

If you’re visiting from out of state, it’s not every day that you see catfish on the menu! Our catfish nuggets are lightly breaded, fried to perfection, and served piping hot with tartar sauce, making them an excellent start to your meal and an easy appetizer to share with family and friends.

2. Frog Legs

Frog legs are a central Florida favorite, and for a good reason. We only serve the freshest and plumpest frog legs at Black Hammock, fried and served with tartar sauce.

3. Bangin’ Shrimp

You may have eaten shrimp before, but you’ve never had a shrimp appetizer like this. Our Bangin’ Shrimp is made up of half a pound of fresh Florida shrimp lightly battered, fried, and tossed in our signature spicy bangin’ sauce to delight the taste buds and excite the palate.

4. Gatorlicious

You can’t get fresher gator meat than at a lakeside establishment like Black Hammock, and we put it to great use with our Gatorlicious appetizer that’s served blackened, buffalo style, Cajun-style, or classic Florida style.


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