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4 Ways to Level-Up Your Next Staycation in Florida

Not all staycations are created equal. While there’s no doubt that some time away from the everyday grind can be welcome regardless of how you choose to spend it, there are plenty of ways you can make that time unforgettable if you do a little extra planning. 

Get the most out of your staycation in Orlando, Florida, with four tips from The Black Hammock

1. Get to Know Natural Florida

With the variety of man-made attractions, you’ll find in Orlando, it’s easy to overlook the natural beauty the area has to offer. While you can stop by a nature preserve or spend the day on the beach to enjoy the scenery, there are even better ways to take in the area’s unique natural environment. 

Consider booking an airboat ride, where you’ll see an array of beautiful wildlife in their natural habitat while on a one-of-a-kind thrilling ride. 

The Black Hammock’s airboat rides take you to Bird Island, where you can catch a glimpse of some of the hundreds of different avian species, such as bald eagles, white pelicans, and wild turkeys.

2. Do Dinner and Drinks Right

For many people, spending time away from their regular lives is synonymous with indulging in a fantastic meal accompanied by a cocktail or two — or more, we don’t judge. 

But while stopping by whatever restaurant you come across when it’s time to eat can be a rather freeing experience, taking the time to find the perfect spot can elevate your dining experience entirely. 

If you’re looking for a comfortable, casual, award-winning eating experience,

The Black Hammock Restaurant offers just that. A staycation in Orlando isn’t complete without enjoying some Florida favorites during your time away, and we’ve got it all here — from the best fried gator tail in town to our fan-favorite catfish. 

After your meal, you can enjoy the beauty of Lake Jesup as you sip a cocktail from The Lazy Gator Bar in the sun.

3. Check Out Some Local Attractions

When it comes to Orlando, Florida, attractions, world-class amusement parks are easily one of the most notable, but there is much more that you can see and do in Florida outside of an amusement park. 

Orlando offers a range of museums, aquariums, nightlife, and helicopter tours. You might be surprised by just how much you can do without boarding a single rotating teacup.

4. Explore Orlando Vacation Rentals

You deserve the best possible accommodations for your staycation, and fortunately, Orlando vacation rentals offer a level of comfort that is sure to make your stay memorable. For example, the Black Hammock provides rentals of all sizes so you can kick back in luxury no matter how big your staycation party is. 

Options like our six-bed, six-bath luxurious Gator Manor or our intimate and romantic one-bed, one-bath Ramsea condo with a beautiful balcony overlooking the Gulf of Mexico can make customizing your Orlando staycation to fit your needs both simple and exciting.



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