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5 Animals You Might See During Orlando Airboat Rides

Have you ever wanted to see wildlife for yourself in a natural setting? Airboat rides in Orlando, Florida provide this experience. There are many fascinating species of wildlife that roam around in Florida. During Orlando airboat rides, you may get your chance to observe these wild animals for yourself from a safe distance. Read on to learn about five animals you might see during your airboat ride!


Florida is known for its large population of alligators. During your airboat ride, you will likely see multiple alligators just beneath the surface of the water. You might also see alligators roaming on land near freshwater in search of food. 

Alligators prey on fish, birds, and some other reptiles like turtles. Most of their prey are found in their natural habitat: bodies of freshwater. Florida houses the largest number of alligators in the country. You can expect to see them firsthand on your airboat ride. 

Bald Eagles

Bald eagles flock to Florida to build their nests. You can find majestic bald eagles near freshwater, particularly in dense forests. Female bald eagles watch over their babies year-round in the Florida climate. Males may migrate during other parts of the year, but female bald eagles are usually very visible in the state. 

On your airboat ride, you might catch a glimpse of a soaring bald eagle as it takes to the skies. Perhaps you will see a dense nest of twigs, bark, and other materials high up in the trees. No matter what sights you see of the bald eagle, your airboat ride is sure to be exciting. 


Florida boasts a large population of many species of turtles in freshwater lakes and rivers. You will likely see a few kinds of turtles on your airboat ride. Turtles lay their eggs on land, so you may see mother turtles returning to their babies above the water. However, turtles can also hold their breath for long periods, so you might see a turtle swimming around happily. 

Snapping turtles are one of the most well-known turtle species in Florida waters. Airboat rides allow you to see these creatures without the danger of their ferocious bites. You can experience freshwater wildlife in Florida from the comfort and safety of the airboat. 

Wild Turkeys

Turkey is not just a Thanksgiving staple food. Wild turkeys roam the airboat’s final stop, Bird Island. You can see wild turkeys in their natural habitat strutting their feathers during mating season. 

Florida wild turkeys spend most of their days searching for food, covering several hundred acres of land in a day. You’ll get a kick out of watching the gobbling, pecking, and trotting about of wild turkeys in Orlando. 

Least Sandpiper

This adorable member of the sandpiper family stands out from its relatives thanks to its darker, more brownish colors. Least sandpipers like to feed on invertebrates in the mud and sand alongside bodies of water. Next time you visit the Black Hammock, be sure to keep an eye out for loose flocks of these little birds looking for their next bite to eat by the water!

When you take a trip on an airboat in Orlando, you get to experience several exotic wildlife species. There is nothing like seeing these wild animals carrying out their natural behaviors right in front of you. Airboat rides are great educational and leisurely experiences for everyone so book your ride with The Black Hammock now!


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