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5 Fun Facts About Baby Alligators

Here at the Black Hammock, we know there’s nothing quite as cute as a baby alligator! But just how much do you know about these adorable creatures? Brush up on your knowledge below as we share five fun facts about baby alligators.

Baby alligators have a unique appetite

When you think “alligator,” your mind might jump to images of a strong-jawed reptile with a hearty appetite—but naturally, baby alligators start a little smaller! Not only are these baby alligators too small in size to snack on large creatures, but their tongues don’t move much right away, so they stick to smaller “treats” like flies, baby shrimp, worms and snails.

A temporary “eye tooth” helps baby gators hatch

Of course, baby alligators may not have the largest appetites right away—but they still have plenty of teeth! Sixty to 80 of them, in fact. However, one of the baby alligator’s teeth goes away shortly after they hatch! Called the eye tooth, this sharp protrusion is located on the alligator’s nose, and is used by them to break through their shell when it’s time to hatch.

Even before they hatch, baby alligators are adorably vocal

Speaking of hatching—it’s one of the first times baby alligators start making some noise! They release a high-pitched whimpering sound (not far from what you’d hear a puppy say!), which signals that it is time for them to hatch. They continue this adorable sound even after they hatch, using it to communicate with their mother.

Gators become adults after about 10 years—or six feet

Baby alligators have a lot of growing up to do before they can chomp with the best of them! They are considered adults once they reach six feet long, which can take about ten years.

You can meet a baby alligator and take a photo together at The Black Hammock!

There’s nothing quite like meeting a baby alligator in the real world—and here at The Black Hammock, you can do exactly that. Now, when you book your Orlando airboat ride online, you will receive a complimentary photo with our baby alligator, so you can see this beautiful creature and treasure the experience forever.

Now that you know all about baby alligators, meet one for yourself! We can’t wait to see you soon at The Black Hammock, as you get to know baby alligators and many other one-of-a-kind creatures.


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