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A Fun Fall Update from The Black Hammock’s Alligators

Fall is here at The Black Hammock! For you, it might mean throwing on an extra layer before embarking upon your thrilling Orlando airboat ride—for our resident alligators, though, the season looks a little different. Read on to learn more about how alligators prepare for cool weather, as well as some exciting additions to our alligator family! Take a look.

Staying warm, gator style

Alligators don’t have access to the same sweaters and scarves we humans do—nor do they have the ability to self-regulate their temperatures! This is because alligators are cold-blooded, or ectothermic, and depend on their environment for all of their heating and cooling needs. So when temperatures dip between a balmy 70 degrees, you may find that alligators take a break from snacking—and when the air is even colder, they’ll head into their self-constructed dens near the water for some warm, cozy relaxation.

With Florida’s year-round warm, beautiful weather, alligators’ “down-time” is naturally going to be outnumbered by their active time around the water! Plus, even on the coolest Florida days, alligators like to crawl out of their dens for some afternoon warmth and sunshine—of which we are in no short supply. There’s no bad time for one of our thrilling alligator tours in Orlando Florida, or a trip to watch them dine, where you and your family can see these beautiful creatures in a close-up environment unlike anything else.

Welcome to The Black Hammock family!

Lake Jesup is home to the highest concentration of alligators in all of Florida—and recently, that number just went up by two! We are happy to announce the addition of two baby alligators to our brood, and as of today, they still need names! Visit our recent Facebook post to suggest your own names for this playful pair. The winner will receive naming rights and a photo with our baby alligator they can treasure forever.

One of the Sunshine State’s most majestic species, alligators are a thrilling part of The Black Hammock experience—but be sure to stick around for all of the other natural surprises you’ll discover along the way, like beautiful birds gliding over the lake, one-of-a-kind flora and so much more! We can’t wait to see you here soon.


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