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Discover the Unique Wildlife of Bird Island

Whether you’re visiting Orlando on vacation, or you call this beautiful city home, taking advantage of Orlando airboat tours is a fun activity for the whole family. 

Do you like nature and unique wildlife swamp tours in Orlando, FL? Then you’re in for a treat at Bird Island! As the name suggests, you’ll find hundreds of wading birds on this island located right on Lake Jesup. 

Wildlife Seen on Orlando Airboat Tours 

Take a thrilling airboat trip across Florida’s vast canals and swamps in search of toothy gators while learning about the area’s ecology. Cruise across Lake Jesup and see Bird Island on this fan-powered excursion, with an experienced guide to make it easy for you to spot animals along the route. 

As you circle Bird Island, your guide will offer stories about the island’s history. Native American artifacts and the fossilized remains of long-extinct animals have been discovered here. Below, you’ll find out more about the incredible animals that call this place home. 

Belted Kingfishers

The Belted Kingfisher’s loud rumbling song attracts attention as it hovers over rivers or lakes. This bird, which has a beautiful shade of blue and copper feathers, is primarily seen in the area throughout the winter. 

You can sometimes see this creature perched on a high snag or lingering with its fast-beating wings before diving headfirst into the water to catch a fish.


This dark-colored, lengthy diving bird glides low along the water in search of prey. It scavenges primarily by diving from the surface and swimming below, using its feet to kick. This species of bird can be found all year round on Bird Island.


The glossy ibis, white-faced ibis, and white ibis are the three most common species of ibis in North America. In the southern states, including Florida, ibises are among the most common wading birds. 

Ibises are similar to herons in appearance and activity, but they fly with their necks outstretched and in a V-formation. Ibises eat aquatic bugs, snails, amphibians, and food brushed from the water’s surface in shallow waters.

Wood Stork

An extremely huge, heavy-billed bird that trudges in the shallow water of southern marshes, the stork is our sole native bird in North America. These birds fly with slow-moving wings on hot days and yet can soar to great heights. 

Except for hissing and bill clapping, adult wood storks have almost silent crying sounds. Minnows, killifish, and mullet are among the fish they consume. This bird also eats crayfish, crabs, water insects, snakes, young alligators, baby turtles, amphibians, mice, seeds, and other plant materials.

Snowy Egret

This bird species is known for its striking yellow feet and is reported to dance in the shallow water in golden slippers. The snowy egret is more widespread than it has ever been. The harsh and noisy calls it makes near its nesting sites (especially Bird Island) conceal its delicate look.

Ready to meet the incredible wildlife on Bird Island? Don’t wait any longer and schedule your visit to The Black Hammock today! With so many of these awesome species of birds populating the island, you can even steal a glimpse from the shore of the Black Hammock peninsula.


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