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Happy Valentine’s Day! Tips for a Sweet Celebration at The Black Hammock

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner—and if you and your loved one are looking for an unforgettable date idea, The Black Hammock has you covered! Just read on as we share a few fun ways to celebrate this Valentine’s Day weekend, including a thrilling date spent on one of our famous Orlando airboat rides. Take a look.

Enjoy an adventurous date

For couples whose ideal date is outdoor fun and travel, our airboat rides can’t be beat. We give you the chance to explore a slice of Old Florida, whose untouched natural expanse is filled with feathered friends, beautiful gators and one-of-a-kind sights you have to see to believe. It’s a shared experience you will remember for years to come, and our serene setting can be undeniably romantic. (Tip: If you book your ride online, you can even bring home a complimentary photo with you and a baby alligator! Talk about a treasured keepsake.)

Share a sweet treat

Valentine’s Day is all about sweets, so share a flavorful treat at The Black Hammock Restaurant! Try a decadent Chocolate Cake, classic Crème Brulee or Florida favorite, the Key Lime Pie, for the key to a delicious date.

“Cheers” to you!

The perfect way to cap off your Valentine’s Day at The Black Hammock? Enjoy some delicious drinks with a beautiful view built for dates like this—our waterfront setting on Lake Jesup is perfect for soaking in a colorful sunset and relaxing breeze.

Send each other Black Hammock-themed Valentines

If you and your Valentine share a love for all things Black Hammock, you can’t go wrong with a custom card inspired by our assembly of animal friends! Here are a few pun-ny options to try:

Let’s be more than pal-ligators.

Will you be the Ziggie to my Chloe? (These two gators are always snuggling!)

We make a sweet pair-akeets!

Learn about love from the pros

Speaking of animals, they have a thing or two to teach us about romance! For example, did you know that bald eagles and macaws, two beautiful species that can be found at The Black Hammock, tend to choose their partners for life? Bald eagles, in particular, are known for their swooping “cartwheel” displays in the sky when they make a match!

Ready to plan your sweet celebration? Book your airboat ride to get started! We’re here to help make this Valentine’s Day a sweet one, from food to fun and everything in between.


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