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Safety 101: Airboat Tours

Spring is in full swing and summer is fast approaching. In Central Florida, that means more time to enjoy the true natural beauty of this area. There are so many great opportunities for fun in the sun, and to simply relax, unwind, and make pleasant memories with friends and loved ones. One of the best options is bringing the whole gang along for fascinating swamp tours in Orlando.

Still, as a responsible family member, you might have concerns about the safety of such tours. The good news is that there’s no cause for alarm. In fact, airboat rides in Oviedo, Florida are among the safest and most fun activities in the entire region. Here’s how you can keep yourself and your loved ones protected, while you enjoy a unique and memorable airboat tour.

Research Before You Ride

Today, it’s simple to glean information about any person, company, or event through a simple web search. When it comes to airboat tours, paying special attention to a few key details will ensure a fun and relaxing day on the water.

First, know the basics of the airboat you’ll be riding in. Airboats have a flat bottom and a large “fan” in the back. This propeller enables the boat to achieve ideal speed in the water. Powered by twin-engine motors in the back, there’s no outboard motor hanging off the boat. Since no equipment is submerged, the chance of getting stuck is virtually non-existent.

Some people have concerns about the animals they’ll encounter while on an alligator tour in Orlando. The fact is, the safety and comfort of your seat is actually the very best place to witness a variety of birds (including bald eagles), turtles, and of course alligators. You’ll enjoy up close and personal encounters, without invading the private space of these majestic animals.

Only Tour with Trusted and Reputable Operators

Sadly, some tour boat operators take a lax approach to both safety and customer service. By contrast, The Black Hammock Adventure consistently earns authentic five-star reviews from satisfied people across the country and the globe on popular websites such as TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Google Reviews.

That’s partly from the peace of mind knowing that all of our airboat pilots are licensed Master Airboat Captains. Our spacious crafts are all approved by the U.S. Coast Guard, and our captains have achieved U.S. Coast Guard licenses. In addition, we closely monitor the weather and won’t go out in potentially-hazardous conditions.

Plus, hearing protection is provided for all passengers. Every child is provided with a life vest. Adult life vests are available upon request. This commitment to the safety and well-being of you and your loved ones is built-in.

Know and Follow the Rules

Your airboat captain will review important guidelines prior to your tour. It’s essential that everyone (including children and youth) fully understand and adhere to these rules. This helps ensure a safe and enjoyable ride for everyone.

For instance, it’s imperative that you keep your hands and body away from the propeller. That’s the big “fan” on the back of the boat. Pay attention and listen to all advisories from your captain. That includes not feeding the wildlife, especially alligators. While you might think you’re being friendly, this can actually be harmful to their long-term survival in the wild.

In addition to these provisions, Winter Park, Florida boat tours are more enjoyable when you come prepared. Make sure to bring sunscreen, sunglasses, wide-brim hats, and water.

Choose the Best Tour Adventure

For years, we’ve been known as the premier outlet for fun and exciting tours in the area. Our commitment to safety and an always-stellar customer experience is strong. We’re also dedicated to our role in environmental protection and conservation. That’s why we’re proud to partner with various community agencies and organizations.

Contrary to popular belief, not every fan boat tour near Orlando is the same. You want and deserve a holiday that produces long-lasting bonding opportunities and memories that the whole family will talk about for years. When you book with The Black Hammock, you get your choice of several interesting and affordable tour packages. Plus, with a restaurant, bar, and lodging available on site, it’s easy and fun to plan your vacation around an inviting and relaxing tour on the water. Contact us today to schedule an outing you and your loved ones will never forget.


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