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Spring Break Fun in the Swamp and Sun

It’s that time of year again for a much-needed hiatus from school, work, and life responsibilities. While others are flocking to the beach or some far off locale, you might be searching for a truly unique experience unlike anything you’ve ever done. Thankfully, there are options to make this year’s Spring Break the best ever.

One of those ideas is to book thrilling Orlando, Florida swamp tours. Here, you’ll get up close and personal with native wildlife, including alligators. But since you’re seeing all the action from the comfort and safety of your seat, you know you and your family are out of harm’s way. Read on to discover how you can treat loved ones to a Spring Break they’ll never forget.

History Meets the Future

Lake Jesup in Seminole County is one of the most beautiful spots in Central Florida and the entire Sunshine State. Nestled along the St. John’s River, this 10,000 acre, 28 mile region is home to more than 900,000 alligators (often referred to as simply “gators”). That gives this area the special distinction of having the most gators of any lake in the entire United States. It also makes your airboat tour the ideal opportunity for Lake Jesup alligator viewing.

Native Americans have lived in this area for centuries. They farmed the land and had a great respect for the natural beauty of the region. Today, that appreciation for preservation survives through conservation efforts and fun and educational experiences such as The Black Hammock Adventure.

Commune with Nature

In fact, there’s simply no better place to get a real focus on the majesty of nature than through airboat rides in Central Florida. Onboard The Black Hammock, you’ll see a variety of wildlife, such as bird species (including bald eagles), bobcats, wild boars, and of course alligators. Gators are also on display in an aquarium inside the Black Hammock restaurant.

On Sundays, young and old alike will marvel at live demonstrations of gator feedings. From the safety and comfort of your seat, you’ll witness how this beautiful animal has been able to survive and thrive through thousands of years.

Relax in the Sun

There’s nothing quite like taking a load off and just making special memories with friends and loved ones. You want and deserve free time to simply decompress and forget about all the stress and responsibilities of the daily grind. Those moments become all the more memorable when you’re on board an airboat ride near Orlando.

After your tour, grab a bite to eat in our Black Hammock restaurant. You can also share laughter and pleasant conversation in our Lazy Gator bar.

Plus, lodging is available onsite. This option is ideal when you’re traveling with family or a larger group. There’s no need to fight traffic or worry about time schedules when you’re just minutes away from the action. Browse the lodging section of our website to see all of the spacious and comfortable options available.

Discover Family-Friendly Fun

When you’re looking for a truly unique holiday, swamp tours are a perfect choice. Children and youth will appreciate how different and exciting this adventure is from the same old beach getaways or mundane city vacations. Adults in your party will be amazed at the marvelous animals and natural elements just off the beaten path.

Plus, with dining and lodging amenities on site, it’s easy, fun, and affordable to plan your entire vacation around The Black Hammock Adventure. For years, we’ve been known as the premier outlet for amazing boat tours in Orlando. That’s partly due to the fact that safety is our top priority. All of our airboat pilots have obtained their Master Airboat Captain license. In addition, hearing safety protection is provided for your tour.

Browse our website to learn more about the incredible vacation experience that awaits. Then, contact us today to book an airboat tour that you and your loved ones will be talking about for years to come.


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