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Take a Chomp of a Real Florida Meal: Gator Tail

These days, people across the country and globe are expanding their culinary horizons. They’re looking for unique and interesting snacks and meals that both taste great and have an ideal nutritional profile.

Whether you’re a “foodie,” adventurous eater, or just want to try something new on your holiday or staycation, nothing matches the flavor and novelty of authentic Florida gator tail. Both kids and adults alike consistently comment on the pleasant taste and adventure of experiencing this edible treat.

Now, it’s your turn. As part of your wildlife tour in Orlando, you can try gator tail, and bring a fun story back home to your friends and loved ones. Learn more about the dish through this insight.

Highly Nutritious

Some people are hesitant to try alligator meat. However, this delicacy has been enjoyed for centuries. In fact, records show that alligator meat was included as part of many wedding feasts during the Ming dynasty in China. There, it was considered a true delicacy.

High in protein and low in fat, health experts say gator tail is a fine addition to any balanced diet. In addition, alligator meat provides essential nutrients such as fiber, potassium, phosphorous, vitamin B-12, and niacin.

Of course, you don’t have to wrestle an alligator or put yourself in harm’s way to taste this dish. Instead, when you book airboat tours in Orlando, you can enjoy gator tail as part of your unique excursion.  

Truly Delicious

While the texture of alligator tail is firm, the flavor is typically described as being mild. Many people say it tastes a bit like chicken, with pleasant notes of fish.  

Often, gator tail is fried. This helps bring out the natural qualities of the meat. The dish can also be prepared using other methods like roasting, smoking, marinating, and similar. Through the years, chefs have included alligator meat in stews, soups, and sausages. In addition, gator tail is sometimes served as fillets, steaks, or in hamburger patties and taco filling.

Just imagine what your friends and family back home would say when they find out you got a taste of authentic alligator tail from Florida. It’s possible when you schedule a fun and relaxing gator tour near Orlando.

Delightful Delicacy

As mentioned, gator tail has been regaled as a delicacy for centuries. It’s a staple in many Southern recipes. Along with the previously mentioned benefits, alligator meat is also very low in cholesterol and saturated fat. It’s high in iron and omega-3 fatty acids.

Health experts say gator tail is good for the heart, helps stabilize diabetes, and assists in weight control. Some physicians say alligator meat can even cure asthma and arthritis, though these claims have not been officially confirmed.

Plus, alligator meat is okay to eat for Lent. Catholics avoid eating meat on Fridays during the Lenten period, but seafood is permissible. In 2010, responding to a letter, Archbishop Gregory Aymond of the Archdiocese of New Orleans said that alligator is included in the seafood family.

Part of a Grand Adventure

Several restaurants today serve alligator tail. But why stop there? It’s easy and affordable to maximize your holiday fun with an Orlando, Florida alligator tour. Here’s where you’ll get a closeup view of native Florida wildlife and vegetation. It’s an experience the whole family will never forget.

Plus, with dining options and lodging on site, scheduling an entire vacation around airboat rides in Sanford, Florida is simple and straight-forward. Browse our website to find the best tour for you and your loved ones. Then, contact us today to book an experience unlike any other.


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