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What to Expect on a Night Ride Tour of Lake Jesup

There’s never a bad time to take an airboat ride out onto beautiful Lake Jesup. Okay, maybe you would want a raincheck in the event of a hurricane or something like that, but other than that, there’s no bad time for one. That’s why the Black Hammock offers day tours, sunset tours, and night rides out onto the lake.

If that last option sounds intriguing to you, well, it should. Night rides may be the coolest way to experience everything Lake Jesup boat tours have to offer. Taking to the water after sunset allows you to experience a whole different world that is not around during daylight hours.

Here are a few things you can expect during Orlando airboat rides after dark on Lake Jesup.

A Sense of Mystery

You never know what you’re going to get with an airboat ride in general, but when you take one at night, it’s a whole different story. Cruising around beneath the moonlight is beautiful and mysterious. And sometimes a bit spooky (in a good way, of course), which gives the whole tour an entirely different ambiance than one taken during the day.

It will not be totally dark on your tour, though. Spotlights are used to search the night for wildlife along the shore. Before the beam lands on something, you’ll be feeling a sense of excitement, suspense, and mystery that other tours do not offer.

Nocturnal Wildlife

There are certain creatures you’re highly unlikely to see on Lake Jesup during the daytime, and that’s because they’re generally asleep during those hours. Keep an eye and an ear out for night herons and other interesting Floridian wildlife. The gators are also both diurnal (out during the day) and nocturnal, which means you’re likely to see them out and about on your night tour.

There’s something particularly captivating about gators after dark. Perhaps it’s the fact that their eyes reflect light, giving them an eerie glow. Once the spotlight from the airboat catches a congregation of them during your night ride, you’ll see this glowing eeriness for yourself. 

An Adrenaline Rush

It’s built into humans to become warier at night and when near the water. Combine both being near the water and nighttime together, and you’re going to be feeling some adrenaline pumping through your veins as you cruise Lake Jesup after dark. 

Don’t worry. Our tour guides are trained experts, and you’re going to be as safe as possible during your night ride. Just enjoy that sense of adventure and mystery (and an adrenaline rush) that only a nighttime tour on the water can provide.  

One of the Best Orlando Airboat Rides Around

The Black Hammock offers one of the best boat tours you’re going to find in the area. Between expert guides, tours at any time of day, beautiful Lake Jesup, and the unbelievable Bird Island, it really is hard to beat. 



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