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What We’re Thankful for at The Black Hammock

Happy Thanksgiving! As we look ahead toward delicious food and family fun, we’re taking time to remember all the things for which we’re most thankful—this year and every year. Just read on

Beautiful views and terrific weather

If you’ve ever been to our home on Lake Jesup, you know that our waterfront views are truly something special! A gem of Central Florida lakes, Lake Jesup is one of the few places in the Sunshine State where you can truly experience an untouched side of nature—a place where Old Florida charm expands to the horizon, giving you the chance to see what Florida looked like many years ago. Plus, where else can you explore the water and go sightseeing while wearing boat shoes and a light sweater in the midst of fall and winter? We’re thankful for the opportunity to explore this slice of paradise all throughout the year.

Fresh Florida flavors

Fresh Florida cuisine combines the best of Southern, Gulf Coast and Caribbean flavors—and here at The Black Hammock, we’re thankful for the opportunity to enjoy them every day! Whether your go-to dish is Gator Bites or a flavorful Po’ Boy, these comforting flavors provide the perfect tool for gathering friends and family around to share a delicious experience together.

Meaningful memories

Whether you’re riding on one of our airboats, or sharing a delicious meal by the water, one thing’s for sure—when you’re at The Black Hammock, you’re making memories! We’re thankful for the opportunity to play a role in shaping your family’s most meaningful moments, this holiday season and all year long.

Animal friends…

The Black Hammock wouldn’t be The Black Hammock without the abundance of animal friends who call it “home.” From the waters of Lake Jesup to the skies and trees that surround it, there is wildlife just about everywhere you look, including our resident family of alligators or beautiful birds, Baby and Morgan! We are thankful to share our home with these beautiful creatures, for exciting encounters with them, and for the ample opportunities they provide for teaching us about nature. 

… and human ones, too!

Most of all, we’re thankful for you this holiday season! Thank you for choosing to make The Black Hammock a beloved destination where families and friends can come together to indulge their wild side, to learn more about nature and to enjoy the thrill of a lifetime with the people they love most. Every time you’ve visited us for an Orlando airboat ride, you’ve enriched our days and made The Black Hammock a better place to be. We’re thankful for the chance to keep providing you and your crew with new adventures to enjoy together!

We want to know—what are you most thankful for this year? Share it with us and then celebrate the holiday season ahead, kicking off with a thrilling Thanksgiving airboat ride right here at The Black Hammock! We can’t wait to see you soon.


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